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    Wink Hello there!

    Hello, everyone!

    My name is Patryk, I come from Poland but live in Llanelli. At the start, I'm sorry for my English ... I'm learning all the time. I am very interested in playing with you. Maybe I will tell something about myself.
    I live in southern Poland 10 km from the border with the Czech Republic.
    I participate in Airsoft games from the age of 15. At the age of 16, I started going to military school and I finished school with a sergeant. I was the commander of the parade drill. I am the founder of the airsoft team from Nysa Poland(I joined the picture at the end). I currently have a uniform in Polish woodland camouflage(wz97). My previous replicas are: King Arms X47 Side Folding Stock, M4 Tokyo Marui, cm.028 (AK 47), cm.30 (Glock 18C). My current replica is G36
    but he wants to change to SR-25 or M4. I do not know if this will not be a problem for you because of my origin


    I forgot to add that I was trying to find an Airsoft Site today. After more than 2 hours I managed to get there .

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    Welcome Patryk
    We talked on the phone earlier.
    You may use Whichever model rifle you please, we really dont mind, youre more than welcome to choose freely.
    Loving the picture of the BTR below, was that used in game or a picture from your military school?
    You'll find one or two Military veterans on site when you visit.
    Have a look around on here and click on the links below My Signature to familiarise yourself with our way of doing things.
    Hope to see you up the Hill again soon.

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    Hi Godfather,

    This is a photo from school. His exact name is K.T.O Rosomak.
    In Poland there are large multi-day events where they use real tanks (deprived of combat traits) and helicopters.

    in the Afghanistan Mission 2018 event, over 861 players participated the playing field is 250 hectares ( 1st video)

    Do you have big airsoft events in the UK?

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