• Current Promotions/Offers

    Loyalty Cards
    All players (members and non-members) will be issued with a loyalty card on request.

    There are 5 segments which will be stamped one at a time when you play a game with us. Once the card is full, it can be used to pay your green fee (i.e. on your 6th game)
    Wee print:

    • It is your responsibility to request a loyalty card and get it stamped (do this when signing-in/paying)
    • Your loyalty card is not transferable to another player
    • Your free game covers your green fee but does not include equipment rental if you need it
    • Lost or damaged loyalty cards can not be replaced
    • Any attempt to defraud the Club with forged stamps will be dealt with severely

    These offers/promos and their conditions are offered at the discretion of the admin staff. They are subject to change or withdrawal if necessary.
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    Daz after his battery blew by Ronin
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