• 6th October 2013: Game Day

    Milsim, objective-based game.

    On-site time: 1000
    Game start time: 1115
    Game end time: 1600
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    1. Alpha Hotel's Avatar
      Alpha Hotel -
      Steve "Flash-heart" Grey
      Allan (Rental) [1st game]
      Dobbie [1st game]
      Justin Williams[1st game]
      Scott Williams[1st game]
      [1st game]
      Richard [1st game]
      Mr$hit$hot[1st game]

      Ben P
      Barry Millar (Possible Rental)
      Barry Millar +1 [1st game]
      Kevins son [1st game]
      Midlife [1st game]
      Wayne (Rental) [1st game]
      Robbie (Rental)
      [1st game]
      Robbies nephew [1st game]
    1. Alpha Hotel's Avatar
      Alpha Hotel -
      Bookings updated.

      All players, a reminder:
      • Do not insert a magazine into any gun until you're advised its safe to do so.
      • Do not fire your gun (even if its empty) until you're advised we're game-on.
      • Do not remove your eye protection under any circumstances until you're advised its safe to do so.
      • If asked to make your AEG safe, remove the magazine, fire 2 shots into the ground and engage the safety. For bolt action rifles and GBB pistols, remove the magazine and de-cock or dry fire to dis-engage the hammer.

      New players, another reminder:
      Most of you seem to have played before so are probably familiar with most basic site rules. One really important one for us is you MUST wear decent boots. Trainers aren't going to cut it and you will be unfortunately turned away.

      You'll need to be self-sufficient in terms of food & water etc
    1. Fletch's Avatar
      Fletch -
      On site for 10:00
      Game on 11:15

      A few of the lads usually meet at Neath Abbey McDonalds for a bit of breakfast from about 9am.
    1. Alpha Hotel's Avatar
      Alpha Hotel -
      For the site ops & regulars, the form for the day will be:

      NATO - Green
      Non Specific Insurgents (NSI) - Red

      There is a stranded NATO squad to the East attempting to reach their extraction point. Between them and thier objective is a large group of NSI. To support them, an additional NATO unit has been inserted into the area.
      The task is for both units to link-up at the designated RV point and then exfil through the border crossing to secure an LZ ready for extraction.

      The NSI will attempt to prevent the NATO units from RV'ing, crossing the border and deny them their LZ.

      • Green team splits into 2 unit
      • 1 unit starts East "Trenches"
      • 1 unit starts West "Trenches"
      • Red team starts half way between the two
      • RV point is high ground above "Trenches"
      • Border crossing is Red Gate
      • LZ is high, flat ground above "MX Track"

      During the extraction attempt, a NATO helicopter was shot down. The pilot survivied the crash and made brief radio contact before going dark.

      All NATO forces in the are must move to secure the downed pilot

      • A player must be chosen to act as the downed pilot - they may be armed with a pistol or SMG (and as many mags as they can carry)
      • The pilot will have 15 minutes to find shelter at the Northern end of the South Woods
      • An NSI hunter force will enter the area South
      • A NATO force will enter the area from the South 10 minutes later
      • The pilot can act in self defence but should attempt to avoid detection by the hunter force
      • The pilot may only verbally signal NATO forces when they are within 5m of their location
      • The pilot is permitted to relocate but should remain in cover at all times
      • The pilot may use a smoke grenade to signal their location when friendly forces at in line-of-sight. Be aware this will alert all forces to the location!

      Don't worry if none of this makes sense to you yet, it'll make more sense when on-site and there will be people around to nudge you in the right direction.

      Benj, are you OK to take the NSI side? I think Fletch is building himself up to be the downed pilot!
    1. Matt's Avatar
      Matt -
      Really enjoyable game day, thanks to all and a geat bunch of new lads, I hope you all enjoyed.
    1. Fletch's Avatar
      Fletch -
      Great game today. I'll second what Matt said I really enjoyed today.
    1. Alpha Hotel's Avatar
      Alpha Hotel -
    1. Allan's Avatar
      Allan -
      Brilliant day today well organised, loved playing. I think i only got 3 kills but it was fun and can't wait to try it again. absolutely knackered now think i'll sleep till Tuesday.
    1. Sierra Golf's Avatar
      Sierra Golf -
      Absolutely great day, and a big thanks to all who organized it, also, great to meet the new guys, you all played like pro's, hope to see you all regularly, what better way to spend a Sunday!.
    1. midlife's Avatar
      midlife -
      fantastic day guys really enjoyed, sorry did'nt get a chance to speak to you all next time yeah.what a game still buzzing.
    1. Bravo Papa's Avatar
      Bravo Papa -
      great day thanks all and to the new guys
    1. Richard's Avatar
      Richard -
      Thanks for a great day see you all next time
    1. Matt's Avatar
      Matt -
      Some of yesterdays footage:
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