• Prices & Fees

    by Published on 23rd March 2012 10:39 PM

    Rental guns are available and are charged at 10 per day and includes enough ammo to see you through the day.
    High quality 0.2g & 0.25g ammo and pyro can be purchased on-site (subject to availability).
    • Game fee (non-members): 20
    • Game fee (members): 10
    • Gun hire (includes 1000 rounds of ammo): 10
    • Practical Pistol evenings are 5
    • 12hour events (non-members): 30
    • 12hour events (members): 20
    • "Hunter Games" events: 10
    • Membership fee for 12 months: 50(this is optional after playing a minimum of 3 games over no less than 2 months and includes your registration onto the UKARA database)

    These prices cover the cost of hiring the land, paying insurance premiums and maintaining the club guns (where appropriate).
    by Published on 20th September 2013 05:14 PM

    Loyalty Cards
    All players (members and non-members) will be issued with a loyalty card on request.

    There are 5 segments which will be stamped one at a time when you play a game with us. Once the card is full, it can be used to pay your green fee (i.e. on your 6th game)
    Wee print:

    • It is your responsibility to request a loyalty card and get it stamped (do this when signing-in/paying)
    • Your loyalty card is not transferable to another player
    • Your free game covers your green fee but does not include equipment rental if you need it
    • Lost or damaged loyalty cards can not be replaced
    • Any attempt to defraud the Club with forged stamps will be dealt with severely

    These offers/promos and their conditions are offered at the discretion of the admin staff. They are subject to change or withdrawal if necessary.
    by Published on 23rd March 2012 10:35 PM

    The 10 fee covers the use of a club gun, batteries, mags and ~1200 rounds of ammo (additional ammo can be purchased if required)

    The person renting the gun is responsible for all equipment and as such mags, batteries or ammo should not be passed on to other players and should be handed back to a site operator at the end of the day

    Do not request a rental as a back-up in case other arrangements are not fulfilled. If you request a rental you will be expected to pay for it whether you use it or not.

    Any problems or defects with a club gun should be brought to the attention of a site operator immediately.
    by Published on 3rd June 2012 04:02 PM

    Practical pistol evenings are 5 for everyone (there is no member discount).

    No rental guns or equipment are available for these sessions.

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