• Green Fees & RIF rental

    Rental guns are available and are charged at 10 per day and includes enough ammo to see you through the day.
    High quality 0.2g & 0.25g ammo and pyro can be purchased on-site (subject to availability).
    • Game fee (non-members): 20
    • Game fee (members): 10
    • Gun hire (includes 1000 rounds of ammo): 10
    • Practical Pistol evenings are 5
    • 12hour events (non-members): 30
    • 12hour events (members): 20
    • "Hunter Games" events: 10
    • Membership fee for 12 months: 50(this is optional after playing a minimum of 3 games over no less than 2 months and includes your registration onto the UKARA database)

    These prices cover the cost of hiring the land, paying insurance premiums and maintaining the club guns (where appropriate).
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    Anthony loves it! by Echo Papa
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    Eeny meeny miny mo! by Echo Papa
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