• Cheating

    The site does not use formal marshals to enforce the rules
    All players are encouraged to discuss any disagreements openly and politely.
    Any abusive behaviour, persistent unfounded allegations or heated arguments will be viewed dimly and may result in expulsion from the site.
    Other actions which may earn you a warning are: blind firing, goggle lifting (removing protection in the game area), persistent overly aggressive play.
  • Gallery

    g16 by Echo Papa
    DSC00405 by Juliet Kilo
    IMG 2726
    IMG 2726 by Echo Papa
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    IMG 0243 by Ronin
    G0016680 by Ronin
    101 1521
    101 1521 by Ronin
    DSC 3500
    DSC 3500 by Ronin
    by Tomo