• Safety

    A full safety briefing will be given each and every day - if you have any questions, please ask an organiser who will be happy to help.

    Even if you have played many times, and heard the safety briefing over and over, please remain quiet so that the new players around you can hear. It could be you who suffers if you prevent others from hearing the safety rules.

    Approved safety masks or glasses must be worn at all times entering, leaving and within the play areas. If your own eye protection is not considered appropriate you can be loaned (free of charge) a pair of suitable glasses/goggles. Your eye protection should be on until a site organiser has advised otherwise. 'Goggle lifting' during games is not acceptable. If you are steamed up, speak to a site organiser who will assist you and allow you to return to the game after clearing your goggles safely.

    Any discharging of guns in safe areas may result in immediate expulsion.

    Only pyrotechnics approved or provided by us can be used on the site. Pyrotechnics (smoke and BB grenades) can only be sold to and used by players aged 18 or over, it's the law. If you are bringing your own pyrotechnics, please check with a site operator before using them. Home-made or home-modified pyrotechnics are illegal, anyone found to be using such items will be escorted from the site and permanently banned.

    Areas of the site of potential risk are out of bounds. These areas will be identified in the safety briefing and marked on the site maps (supplied to each team at the beginning of the day where required).

    Aiming/pointing lasers are not permitted due to the prevalence of illegally high-powered units readily available outside the UK. If you wish to keep one attached to your RIF, we may ask you to remove the batteries.

    Replica knives/bayonets are permitted only for authenticity of a loadout and should remain sheathed at all times. Multi-tools are also permissible for field-craft purposes. Brandishing a bladed weapon or using one irresponsibly in any way will get ejected from the site and reported to the police.
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