• Site limits

    Site limit are 350fps for all AEG's, measured with .20g BB's - this is an absolute limit and players are suggested to aim for 328fps when upgrading their AEG's (to allow for a 10% margin of error)

    Single action rifles (e.g. sniper rifles) up to 500fps are permitted with a minimum engagement distance (MED) of 20m. If using such a rilfe, you will be asked to gauge a distance while on-site to ensure you are able to accurately gauge a safe engagement distance.

    We ask that all members who wish to use an upgraded bolt action rifle to have either completed the on-site sniper awareness course or be supervised by a member of site staff during the game day in order to ensure the MED rules are obeyed.

    AEG's locked to semi-auto are permitted up to 400fps. The MED noted above must be observed and the mechanism by which the AEG is restricted will be inspected by a site official to ensure consistent operation.

    Guns will be chronoed with .20g BB's.

    Guns that fail by any margin (even 1fps) will not be able to be used.

    Velocity reducers are not permitted.

    There is no limit to BB weight except for when chronoing.
    Any attempt to flout these limits or the minimum engagement distance will result in expulsion from the site.
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    G0094503 by Echo Papa
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    DSC 3678 by Ronin
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    IMG 0999 by Ronin
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    20160327 112118 by Echo Papa
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