• What is Airsoft?

    Airsoft is a military simulation sport somewhat similar in nature to paintball, in which players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, which uses paint-balls as projectiles, Airsoft guns usually use 6 mm spherical projectile (pellet) made typically with injection-moulded ABS plastic. The 'weapons' used in Airsoft are generally exact full size replicas of military weapons such as the Colt M16, H&K MP5.
    BB hits:
    If you are struck by an airsoft BB then you are hit and for purposes of the game are considered 'killed'. This means that you are out of the current game until you 'regen'. Hits to your weapon do not kill you. If you think that you might have been hit but aren't sure then you ARE hit and you should call yourself out immediately. This eliminates silly arguments during a game. Whenever you are hit during a game you must announce loud and clear, 'HIT!' and then walk to the designated safe-zone with your weapon held high over your head with both hands. Be sure to keep your hands and weapon in the air so you aren't mistaken for a player that is still in the game. If you do not clearly identify yourself as 'HIT' and leave the playing area promptly, you can expect to be repeatedly shot at as other players will not realise you are out-of-play.
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    game day 107
    game day 107 by Bravo Papa
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    Over watch from the farm house by Ronin
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