• Safety Rules

    S 1. Unsafe gun handling will result in immediate
    disqualification from the entire match.
    Examples (but not limited to):
    A. Endangering any person, including yourself.
    B. Pointing muzzle beyond designated ?Muzzle Safe Points?.
    A 180 degree rule does NOT exist and will NOT be grounds for DQ.
    C. Handling a loaded firearm except while on the firing line.
    Unloaded firearms may be handled only in designated ?safe
    Note: There are only three instances in which the
    gun may be removed from the holster:

    1. While engaging targets in a CoF under the
    supervision of a safety officer.
    2. With verbal instruction from an SO.
    3. When in a designated ?safe area?.

    D. Dropping a loaded firearm. If a contestant drops a loaded
    firearm during a stage or string of fire, the SO will immediately yell ?STOP?. It will then be the task of the SO to pick up/recover the dropped firearm and render it safe and unloaded before returning it to the contestant. The contestant will be disqualified from the entire event as well as any side events occurring with the match.
    E. Dangerous or repeated "finger in trigger guard" violations
    during loading, unloading, reloading, drawing, holstering,
    remedial action.
    F. A premature shot: in the holster; striking behind (up range
    of) the firing line; into the ground downrange closer to the
    firing line than two yards; or over a berm.
    S 2. Dropping an unloaded firearm may incur penalties at the
    discretion of the SO and/or MD.
    S 3. Pistols will be loaded only when directed by a safety
    officer. (See note at end of Safety Rules regarding Hot and
    Cold ranges.)
    S 4. Shock resistant eye protection and ear protection are
    required to be used by ANYONE at the range facility.
    S 5. After completing any CoF, the shooter must unload, show clear and re-holster before turning up-range or leaving the firing line. (See note at end of Safety Rules regarding Hot and Cold ranges.)
    S 6. Pistols used in competition will be serviceable and safe.
    The MD will require a competitor to withdraw any pistol
    observed to be unserviceable or unsafe. In the event that a
    pistol cannot be loaded or unloaded due to a broken or failed mechanism, the shooter must notify the SO, who will take such action he thinks safest.
    S 7. Fingers must be outside the trigger guard during loading,unloading, drawing, re-holstering, while moving (unless engaging targets) or during remedial action.
    A. Failure to comply will result in a three (3)
    second procedural error penalty.
    B. Multiple violations of this rule could result in
    additional penalties or disqualification from the
    entire match at the discretion of the MD.

    S 8. The normal condition of pistols not actually engaged is
    holstered and unloaded, with hammer down and magazine
    removed. Loaded firearms may only be handled in the safe
    area when supervised by the MD or a SO. Magazines and
    speedloaders may be reloaded while off the firing line, but the contestant?s firearm may be loaded or unloaded only under the direction of the SO. (See note at end of Safety Rules regarding Hot and Cold ranges.)
    S 9. All CoF will be started with the pistol holstered and safe,hands clear of equipment as directed by the SO unless other positions for the pistol are stipulated (table top, drawer, pack,purse, or in the firing hand).
    NOTE: The question of Hot and Cold ranges at the local club
    level is subject to individual club policy. This issue is the sole responsibility of local clubs and is beyond IDPA control. Matches sanctioned by IDPA are required to have Cold ranges. A cold range is defined as a range where all shooters must be unloaded unless under the supervision of a SO. Unless your club has a policy of a HOT range, all firearms should be unloaded except
    when on the firing line.
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