• Match Rules

    C 1. Competitors will not attempt to circumvent or
    compromise the spirit or rationale of any stage either by the
    use of inappropriate devices, equipment or techniques. This is the Failure To Do Right rule.

    C 2. Competitors will refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct,
    unfair actions, or the use of illegal equipment, which, in the
    opinion of the match director, tends to make a travesty of

    C 3. There are only three (3) IDPA approved reloads and they normally begin and end behind cover (reload specifications are found in Appendix TWO Approved IDPA Reloads):

    A. Tactical Reload.
    B. Reload with Retention.
    C. Slide Lock Reload (Emergency Reload).

    All reloads begin with the shooter?s first action to initiate thereload (ejection of the magazine, drawing a spare magazine,etc.) and end when the weapon is fully charged and ready to fire (magazine fully locked into the weapon and the slide fully forward or cylinder closed). Reloads can only be initiated while behind cover.

    C 4. Individual rehearsals of a CoF are not permitted.

    C 5. Airgunning and/or sight pictures are not permitted. (See glossary for definitions.)

    C 6. Competitors will use all available cover.

    C 7. The competitor?s physical position may not be changed
    before the firing signal once the shooter?s ready position is
    assumed and the ?Stand-By? command has been given, unless specified by the CoF.
    C 8. There will be no shots fired before the firing signal.

    C 9. Ties shall be broken in a manner decided upon by the
    match director conducting the contest, however, this shall
    always be done by shooting, not by chance.

    C 10. It shall be the responsibility of each shooter to keep
    account of his score along with the scorekeeper. IF there is anerror in the scorekeeper?s final tally, it shall be the responsibility of the shooter to protest the final results within one hour of the posting of the final scores. Failure to file a protest with the MD prior to the above time nullifies any claims made thereafter.

    All scoring/officiating protests must be made to the MD. The
    decision of the MD will be final as long as his decision is in
    accordance with the rules as set forth in the most current issueof the official rulebook.

    C 11. No shooter can re-shoot a stage or string for gun or
    ?mental? malfunctions except when shooting the ?Classifier?
    10 match for classification purposes. If the classifier is part of a scored match, no re-shoots are permitted. Re-shoots are allowed for stage equipment malfunctions or SO interference with the shooter.

    C 12. In any single contest, a shooter must use the same pistol in all stages of the contest. If the pistol he started with becomes unserviceable during the contest, he may use another pistol of the same type, action, and caliber. Such a shooter may resume the contest at the next scheduled ?start signal?, but previous stages may not be re-shot.

    C 13. No shooter shall wear or use two pistols unless dictated by the specific course of fire at hand.

    C 14. Affiliated clubs must use official IDPA cardboard
    targets for all IDPA matches.

    C 15. Pistols must start from the mechanical condition of
    readiness appropriate to their design and be loaded to specified capacity (To be determined ny the MD at the start of each stage).

    C 16. On cardboard targets, if the outside diameter of the
    shot?s grease ring touches any part of a scoring line
    perforation, it will count for the value of the highest scoring
    zone (radial tears around the bullet hole do not count for
    scoring purposes). Elongated bullet holes in the paper
    exceeding two bullet diameters will not count. This normally
    applies to moving targets fired upon at extreme angles. It can also apply to targets in which a metal target stand has been hit.

    C 17. If a shooter fires more shots than is specified by the CoF in a given Limited Vickers count string, the maximum value for each excess shot shall be subtracted from his score, based on the maximum values of the shots on the target. He will also incur a single procedural penalty regardless of the number of extra shots fired in that string.

    C 18. Range Commands to be used in IDPA shall be: (See
    glossary for definitions.)
    A. Load and Make Ready.
    B. Shooter Ready.
    C. Standby.
    D. Finger.
    E. Muzzle.
    F. Stop.
    G. Cover.
    H. Unload and Show Clear.
    I. Slide Down or Cylinder Closed.
    J. Hammer Down.
    K. Holster.
    L. Range Is Safe.
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